Gallery 11

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11 thoughts on “Gallery

  • Donald

    Hi,I am A new member and I am looking for some parts for my 14- G Professional tractor and my 5200 walk behind. Are any of the items in the photo area for sale ? And if so, how do I contact the owners ? Thanks Don Herndon Cell 410 940 4888a

  • allen wente

    i am not a member, am wanting to sell my 1948 walk behind w many attackments, tiller, rotory plow, finish mower, 2 bushhog attachments, 1 1 blade the other 2 blade,cycle bar (2) solky, this is a super in good condition. any help will be appreciated

  • Thomas Bartlett

    Establish a forum for members to ask questions and let other members reply Other forums are too complicated. Have member enter club number, ask for a confirmation for the inquirer to respond to correctly to proceed further. Then set up for other members to respond. KISS is the way to go.

  • Ronald Ritz

    I have a Gravely Super Convertable Model L # 85528 , when was it made ? Yes it still work’s I have a rototiller, a snowblower, and blade for it. My uncle owned it before me but he’s to old to remember, he’s got demencha and dosen’t even remember me some times. So i would like to know about it, what it might be worth even. Thank you for your help….

  • Ken Roylance

    I have photos of a Gravely riding lawn mower I am interested in selling. Is there a place or person I can get these photos to so they can give me an idea of price and where to display them? Ken Roylance

  • john

    i have a 1927 gravely model d tractor I am going to take the engine out and keep it I would to sale the rest it has the plow and 2 disk

  • Kelly Brown

    I have a custom L. ( I think). Do you have any information on this bad boy. It’s a walk behind brush cutter, rototiller, snow blower. Thanks